I’m fascinated by images of myself.  I think, if we tell the truth, most of us are.  How we appear to people is key — people, for good or ill, make judgements based on what we look like.  For me, though, this has always presented an intense challenge because I’m never sure exactly what I do look like.

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out who I am.  What’s going on inside my head?  What does that look like to people outside my head?

Some days I love what I see.  Many days I do not.  But, for better or worse, here’s a bit of me. . . .

Me walking the LOOP Me walking in the Everglades Me waiting for the torch Me in Turkey Me in the Glades Me in NOLA Me in Greece Me in Brixton Me in B&W Me driving in NZ Me at the Gulf Me at the end of the world Me at GNR Me as Lee Miller's Neck Me and the sheep Me and the hat Me and the dog Me and luggage