When I first arrived in the UK, well, when I first arrived, I didn’t have a television at all, then, when I got a television I was, like many Americans, slightly flummoxed by the programming.

I’m sorry, what do you mean Autumn Watch is prime-time television? You mean people seriously sit around in the evening and watch a television programme about people watching (watching ‘for’ actually, sometimes not even seeing) animals do their thing? THAT’s television here?

Then, one quiet late-winter/early-spring evening I stumbled across Crufts. Yep, hours and days of prime-time dog show.


And not hidden on some weird high-number cable station. This was (at that time) on the BBC.


Good grief. What sort of national programming was this? In the US, television is about ENTERTAINMENT. And that’s ENTERTAINMENT – ALL CAPS, ALL SHOUTING, NO DOWN TIME ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

This was a DOG SHOW!

An hour or so after my discovering this oddity of television programming, I finally convinced the man to go out for a take-away because there was no way I was going to miss a minute of this stuff. It seems, you see, that Crufts was the beginning of my conversion. . . .

Now. . .now, I admit, I like my programming quiet, understated, British. And few things do that better than The Great British Bake Off. I mean, seriously, how can you beat an hour of watching a group of strangers bake?

GBBO has it all: drama, comedy, tension, a villain, teachers’ pets, underdogs, rain, and, possibly best of all, Mel and Sue.

Oh how I love Wednesday nights!

(Of course, on a side note, I do also like a bit of the US stuff too, and I’m currently loving that Food Network UK is showing HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Rehab Addict.)

(I’m telling you, my life is EXCITING!)