So. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader.

Didn’t think you’d see that, did you?

Or, maybe you did.

Certainly, if the papers – any of them right, left, or centre – had had their way you wouldn’t have. Although, now that it’s fact, they’re probably licking their chops and clapping their hands in glee at the headlines they can write that bear no resemblance what-so-ever to what the man has actually said. . . . Oh, how their fun will continue. . . .

What does it mean?

Who really knows?

I’m not convinced Mr Corbyn himself knows.

As an outsider – someone who’s certainly not a Labour supporter – I find it fascinating. And, really very, very hopeful.

I know there are many, many, many on the ‘left’ and within Labour who are disappointed, frustrated, confused . . . bemoaning the end of Labour as we know it.

But maybe, just maybe, that’s not such a bad thing.

A recent poll looked at nine of Corbyn’s positions – comparing his position with public opinion – and on each of the nine points, Corbyn’s position aligned with what the public wants.

Hell, when it comes to renationalizing the rail, even a good chunk of Tories agree with him.

Surely that counts for something?

Surely our government and political leaders are supposed to be aligning their policies with public opinion.

Like I said, I’m an outsider. Not only am I not a Labour supporter, I didn’t even arrive in the UK until well into the Blair years. There are many – the man being one of them – who would say I’ve never really experienced ‘true Labour’.

But I am a voter.

I am a concerned citizen.

I am incredibly concerned about peace, equality, and social welfare.

Clearly, I am not alone.

So maybe, just maybe, if the ‘media’ can find it in themselves to apply some journalistic integrity and actually report on Mr Corbyn’s policies and positions, we might find ourselves with an opposition leader who is in line with actual public interest.