A while back, I don’t know if it was months or years, so let’s just stick with a while, I joined and then un-joined Twitter.

Now, I’m back. Not because I want to be, not because I like it, not because I missed it, but because it somehow seems like part of the package when one does this ‘blogging’ thing. . . .

But, oh, how I loathe it.

And how I do not understand it.

The constant barrage of information, headlines, news updates, repeated and repeated and repeated.


I look for a bit, I go to pee, I come back and there are 7000 new tweets. And I don’t even ‘follow’ that many, what, what are tweeting people called? Tweeters? Twits?

Then, there’s the matter of separating the news from the retweets from the people who are just so desperate for attention that they feel the need to publicize every single detail of their lives.

And, then, there’s the fact that the vast majority of these ‘tweets’ don’t actually say anything. No snappy 140 character insights. No, usually it’s some utterly ridiculous ‘teaser’ with a link.



My jaw clinches and my teeth grind at the thought of the meeting where that little term was coined.


A few days ago I wanted to tweet a link to an article. The headline was good. I wanted to add a simple comment – not a long one, but apparently too much for the 140 character rule.

Twitter told me I needed to be more clever.

Because, obviously, expressing yourself in 140 characters or less proves how clever you are.

Well, how’s this:

Fuck you, Twitter.

Look, I even have characters to spare.

I must be very clever.