Here it is. 31 December. The end of one year and the beginning of the next.

In my youth, this was never a big holiday for me. I never really went to big NYE parties or celebrations. Never really saw anything monumental in the changing of one year to the next. Didn’t really see this as any big day.

Then, I settled down with the man.

The man, you see, loves NYE. Loves it. He likes to celebrate – even if it’s just him and me popping a bottle of celebration Schloer. We celebrate. We have long discussions about the year behind us and the year ahead. We come up with resolutions. We write them down and evaluate our progress, marking successes and failures.

Is it a big deal for me?

No. Not really. But the man loves it and I love the man and I love seeing the man happy, so, now, now I guess it is a big deal for me because it’s a big deal for him.

Two years ago, we brought in the new year with thousands of other people and a massive fireworks extravaganza over Sydney Harbour Bridge. That was pretty damn good, I have to admit.

Last year, we stumbled up to the top of our little hill in darkness like I have never known before and jumped up and down and gave each other a little kiss and then rushed back to the warmth of our cosy little house with its warm little fire.

And now, here we are again.

31 December.

Time to review the resolutions. Time to evaluate the year.

Our resolutions, we both have had to admit, have not seen the performance we’re accustomed to. Books have not been read. Mountains have not been hiked. Welsh (for me at least) has not been learned. Instead, we’ve significantly expanded our family, because, yes, for us, fur and feather babies do count. We’ve done our best to restructure ourselves in a wholly new terrain. We’ve had to shorten our walks to give the dog’s little legs a chance to build up their strength.

In truth, this has not been my favourite year. It’s been beautiful. And exciting. And a challenge. I like challenges. But it’s been tough. And humanity has let me down more than a little bit. And I’m having to learn how to be a new me.

So, as I look at my 2015 in review, would I do it all again? Hell yeah. I learned long ago there’s no point in wishing things had been another way. This is the only way I get to be me, and I really kinda like being me.

But, I’m ready to draw a line under this one.

Here’s to 2016.

Let’s hope it’s the best yet for you and for me.