It appears I have done a very bad job of creating a photo collection of my home state. . . …

What I like. . .guilty pleasures. . . .

You see, I believe that it is entirely possible for smart, successful women who demand equality to also be interested in fashion. And make-up. And appearance.

On blogging. . .WTF. . . .

Idiotically, and I mean that (I looked it up – second definition: senselessly foolish or stupid), I wrote my MA …


. . . for better or worse, here’s a bit of me. . . .

On writing. . . and why journalism wasn’t me. . . .

Well, I reasoned, if, no matter what option I choose, I’m going to be the ‘master of the myth’ as some guy in an airport so accurately described it, I might as well get paid for it. At least that was honest.

Snowdonia Belle: The beginning

This is a little bit of making amends to someone who actually showed some faith in me, and it’s a little bit of making amends to myself for not having faith in me, and it’s a little bit of taking a chance, and it is, quite frankly, a whole lot of therapy.